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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Talking Parrot

check this out...a talking parrot. freaking awesome

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

world cup Cricket watch for Free

Cant believe how much people love to talk about ICC world cup (though they are out of country). When I'm on the University shuttle bus after my work at International Office, when I get on to it, Driver asked me "where u from?" I said Sri Lanka. So he was really happy and get started talking abt ICC world cup. I was shocked, American talking abt Cricket ? na .......not possible. Guess what, he is from West Indies and then there was another girl, she said she is from South African......suddenly we felt like a family bond by Cricket, talking with each other while the guy was driving ;) what a nice time. Just a 5 minutes ride to my apartments but feels like actually watching a Cricket match. Girl was really upset and said better if she can buy a channel to watch the entire world cup. And I just said we have some free online streaming sites to watch. They cant belive, specially the bus driver was so anxious to know the site. I know all my readers also wanna know this. How to watch ICC world cup live.....and for free with a good quality picture without any introuption. In my previous post I mentioned all the information regarding this. I wanna state it again due to heavy traffic on my site too.

This is the link
ICC world Cup Live Streaming . This link is Courtsey of Rahul Reghunathan and all it needs is Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer to stream live cricket matches. Streaming is really good for a free service.

I watched 2 games on this link, quality is really really good........and no interruption at all, like satellite picture on television. Cant believe this much of achievement on this. I know what the streaming is when I checked the other links. But this one is truly exceptional.....so here's my gratitude again for the link and for the author Rahul.

India and Pakistan, the giants in world cricket world, OUT from the second round. Can't believe. This salute for youngsters, Upul Tharanga, Chamara Silva and Dilshan, in the Sri Lankan team, thanx guys and hope u can continue ur form for the rest of the matches......specially with the # 01 South African and Auzis........Beware of Sri Lanka. I'm still not sure about the selection of the Dilhara Fernando?? Though he got the fantastic Sachin Thendulkars wicket, he's not in a good shape to face for good teams specially Auzis and South Africa. These teams are pretty good on fast bowling especially if you are not in good line and length. So I doubt selecting Dihara instead of Atapattu or Maharoof. We need someone like Maharoof to tackle the back of the innings specially we need some big sloggers like Sanath, Vass or Murali (scared on fast bowlers though)
Currently Sri Lanka is on the top with highest run rate hope they can maintain this through out the super 8 round. There is no advantage on the bonus points b'se all the others have similar advantage on playing with Bangladesh and earn some extra points. We have Ireland OK.....but need to get rid of West Indies and England from the list. Here is my semi finalists

1. Sri Lanka
2. Australia
3. New Zealand
4. West Indies

Most probably we are having the semi final with West Indies and Finals (if everything happened for the best) with New Zealand.

So here’s my big prediction…..World Cup Final

"Sri Lanka Vs New Zealand"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Convocation List, Absentia - Sampath Jayarathna

Oh....My undergrad convocation.....After 4 years of total commitment, I missed my graduation. Now only hope is my postgrad convocation, after how many years???? 5....6.....

General Convocation of the University of Peradeniya was held on 08th March,2007 at the University Gymnasium. 2850 graduands from the Faculties of Agriculture, Arts, Dental Science, Engineering, Medicine, Science and Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science were conferred degrees in person at this convocation.
Check the list here. Im in the Absentia list 2nd person. I cant remember who is Anusha sirimanna. I know the other guy Thushara(Rauma), he is also at US doing his MBA. He phoned me couple of times........

I missed all my computer special batch buddies.......still remember how we wait hours at the New common door step for Dr. Bandara's lectures. Hope guys remember how fun it was. Still remember all the funny stories.......anxiously waiting for a call from Dr. Bandara "Sampath, today I have very important meeting, wont be able to come, inform others. We'll have a lecture on Staturday 8 to 4 flat". And remember how the 8 to 4 flat starts at 1pm and end at 1.45pm .....how funny it was. Remember we went to Akbar Hall to have some tea and back to the lecture ready for 2 to 5 flat 3 hour lecture and finish it within 15 minutes!!! How much fun we had.....when our Fuzzy End exam postponed.......Me, diga and dewa got the news early .....but we deliberately made it late informing others and have much fun on how guys worked and crammed for the exam which was already postponed. Story abt my phone having a CLI picture for Dr. Bandara, hope guys remember, with that, before answering the phone hoping to have an idea Dr. Bandara is calling to postponed the lecture. Dr. Saluka's lecture at the laboratory. Sudu malli was the only one listening to the lecture. All the others surfing the net. Specially me. Not even listened to a word......totally at the net for whole 2 hours and still got A's for Patterns and Distributed. How we crammed for Distributed exam. Specially Dewa and me. After finishing 400 power point slides......again Mullu came with another set of power point slides on the morning of the exam day. How we made Class diagrams for the Patterns......remember from the reverse engineering, code to class diagram......Dewa with total 12 page big map size class digram.....me with 6 pages and diga with 4 pages......how funny it was......And sudu Malli came with 1 page class diagram for his program......still remember how Dr. Saluka opened the class diagram for Dewaniya's program.......Chora katta potha.....lots of chora katta from Diga.....after that he stopped telling anything.....im wondering where we put that book.....there were very interesting stories abt keki .....and some other girls.....A party out to Kandy......with all the batch guys.....specially Katta and his fried rice.....one who start eating stops everything b'se of a stomachache. After that asked "can I have one pack to bring it to home???" Sudu mlli broke his leg b'se of our continuous fun on him.

Lots of stories.....no end.......Will be in mind forever....

Hoping to meet u guys, next December, till then ...........

Cricket World Cup Watch Live

This is specially for Cricket lovers....After desparate effort, finally i found a link to watch Online cricket Streaming for ICC world Cup 2007. There are lots of options, if you try searching in yahoo...specially in yahoo answers.
This is the link
ICC world Cup Live Streaming . This link is Courtsey of Rahul Reghunathan and all it needs is Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer to stream live cricket matches. Streaming is really good for a free service.
My indian friends got a cable connection by paying $200, but the thing is I dont have time to go with them to watch it....also i dont think they wanna watch Sri lankan matches only if the match is between Sri Lanka and India. Definetly if Sri Lanka selected for semi finals (No doubt) I wanna see it on the cable TV.
U can see more options on this link...there are over 25 ONLINE steraming links listed in this site ICC Online steaming 25 links. In yahoo answers you can find more options for Online streaming.
Hope u'll enjoy the Cricket Summer........b my guest........
cheers Sri Lankan Cricket...........