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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine PC Game - Oh I love to play again

A week ago I upgraded my laptop to 1GB RAM. Now its in super fast mode with 1.18GB of RAM (not like a super computer, but kind of a way that I feel it). Spent almost $60 for it, bit expensive ha. Not like at Sri Lanka. Guess what the firist feeling I got with the new RAM? To play my all time faivarite game Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. I played lots of games mostly third person games (better to say almost all games i played are 3rd person) b’se I hate to play games like Tiberian sun, Commandos, with small tiny characters and to handle 5 or 6 people at a time. But I can remember few of my friends who loved to play those, specially chamila (Virtusa) my old BIT friend. I don’t know from who I got that CD which included almost 500 arcade games plus Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. But I definetly remember how I lost it. I told about this game to Ranga (Virtusa) better know as Anangaya, one of my colleague at University pera, and gave the CD to him, then I forgot to ask to return. I still disapointed how careless I’m. That’s my faivarite game but I lost it. shame on me.As Sri Lankans we know all about the collections CDs and how expensive those are. Just kidding. We don’t even pay a cent to buy those, specially collctions CDs and games. We used to borrow those from friends install it, if its with CD supprot , then install the virtual CD option and play it. But here at the other side of the world , at US we have to spend money for everything. I checked the price of the game CD Indiana Jones , almost $5 dollars plus the shipping. will cost about $ 8. Its not a big deal to spend 8 bucks now but the problem is my comprehensive exam which is on next September 5th. May b later I can play the game.

I still can remember how much adicted to the game Indiana Jones. I spent almost 3 months to finish the game. In one level I spent 2 weeks to think how to solve that puzzle to move on. Two weeks!!!! Can you belive? Yep no joking. Even in sleep think about the puzzled place and how to track it down. Final levels of the games was so hard, so that I had to use some cheats to play it to end (If u wanna play the game and to feel how cool it is, dont use cheats, but I bet u cant move on, that much hard to play the latter levels). There are about 16 basic levels plus one bonus level. The game is like Max payne and Tomb Rider. With super cool graphics and lots of tools to use. But the coolest thing is the puzzls in each level. We have to think very deep to solve each to move on in additon to 4 super natural beasts in 4 main levels, Ice gurdian, Lava Gurdian, Quetzalocoatl and Robot Gurdian. But the fifth one the Marmaduk is the hardest of all. I saw the new game on the same character, Indiana Jones and the Empere’s Tomb, you guys and gals know where it start playing, Waariyapola, Sri Lanka!!! Amaziing isnt it. But couldn’t play that game due to the vedio card limitations. It needs the ligtning and rendering and high memory VGA card. Like Gforce 4 or 8. Graphics is awsome. But the game control is little bit odd. I certainly wanna play it but latter , may be when I buy a desktop with a high performance.

Wanna walkthrough my game? Here it is. Bet u wanna play this game.

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine – Walkthrough

While working in the canyons of Utah in 1947, Dr. Jones is visited by his old girlfriend Sophia Hapgood, who now works for the CIA. She tells Indy that the Russian Communists are excavating the ruins of Babylon looking for something. She asks Indy to take the assignment which is to find what the Soviets are looking for. Jones takes it.

When he arrived in Babylon, Jones overhears a conversation between a Russian radio operator and Dr. Gennadi Volodnikov, a physicist. Volodnikov says he's looking for clues about a machine buried in the Babylonian ruins that was used for communicating with Marduk, the Babylonian god. Jones then slips away and infiltrates the Russian dig site. He then goes into a ruined building where he finds a locked door. He goes back and is confronted by a Russian soldier. Before the guard can shoot, he is shot from behind by Simon Turner, Sophia's boss in the CIA. Turner gives Jones the key to the door and opens it, finding ammunition and oil barrels. He shoots the barrels, creating a massive explosion, and sees a gaping hole made from the blast. Jones then drops down and finds an elevator. Going deeper into the palace, Jones finds Nebuchadnezzar's Library. In there, he finds three cuneiform tablets. When he puts them together Jones reads, "Make welcome seeker, know that it was Nebuchadnezzar, in heed of the writing that Marduk, made appear unto him, who builded the Great Engine. Having no understanding, the rabble hath thrown down is work, but four trusted disciples are scattered all over the earth and the relics go with them. Wouldst thou tread the path of knowledge, look eastward. Urgon, it is, who flees to the heavenly mountains, where Shambala holds a mighty secret." Jones finds a map leading to the heavenly mountains, which is the Tian Shan Mountain Range in Kazakhstan. Indy leaves the room but finds an idol of Marduk that Turner requested he find for him. Indy sees Turner at the area where he started this level and gives him the idol. After telling Turner everything, Jones gets in his jeep and drives off, remembering Turner's warning that Kazakhstan is in Soviet territory.

After parachuting out of a plane, Jones travels through the snowy mountains and comes across a Soviet border post. He enters it, after shooting up all the guards, and finds a raft. He inflates it and navigates the treacherous rivers, where he then finds a strange candle holder. On the other side of the river, Jones sees a large monastery he believes is Shambala. But the bridge is not open for use. Believing he needs to find candles for the holder, Jones again navigates the rivers and locates them. He brings them back, sets them on the candle holder, and lights them up. A gust of wind activates the windmill on the other side, and the bridge swings across for Indy. He then crosses the bridge and enters Shambala Sanctuary.

Expecting to find monks roaming the halls, Jones finds the monastery abandoned. Instead the place is inhabited with little ice minions who attack him. As he fends them off, Jones sees a bell in the bell tower and a small statue that's supposed to ring the bell. He uses it to ring the bell and an old woman appears before him. She says she is the temple's caretaker and asks Indy to "search for a golden treasure". Indy goes off and explores the temple. He finds a little flower which he later puts in water and douses it in sunlight. Afterwards it now sprouts a little bud. He returns to the woman and gives her the flower. It fully blossoms and the woman is now young and strong. She then opens a door that leads inside the mountain next to the temple. Indy enters the doors, slides down a tunnel, and ends up in a large chamber. Landing in front of him is a gigantic ice monster which roars menacingly at him. As Jones evades the beast, he runs into a smaller room that houses a strange mechanical device; Urgon's Part of the Infernal Machine. The device is used to smash open weakened walls by emitting a small concussion wave. As Indy leaves the room, he's cornered by the ice monster. Jones activates Urgon's Part which hurts the beast. Jones activates two more times in the monster's face and it explodes in a shower of icicles. Jones walks outside the temple and sees the holy woman. She thanks him for his efforts and guides him through a secret passage way to the jungles of Palawan Island in the Philippines.

Jones, now in a beach and jungle environment, comes across a volcano which is active. He enters it through a door and after navigating some passageways, Jones is greeted by Sophia. She is then captured by the Russians, causing Jones to later rescue her and shoot up some more Russians. After freeing her, Indy is assisted by Sophia through a door but she leaves him saying she has more spy work to do. Jones goes off and comes across a small gondola which takes him to the lower levels. Down there, Jones sees large rock creatures that ruthlessly attack him. As he dodges them, Jones comes across a lava lake which is inhabited by a large creature made of lava. Indy evades the monster and finds Taklit's Part of the Infernal Machine. This device makes him invisible. He uses it to sneak past the lava monster and goes outside where Jones finds a lake of water. He pushes a button and a statue head opens its mouth draining the water. Inside the cave, another statue head open its mouth and the water pours through, cooling and hardening the lava. The lava monster is then cooled and hardened as well. Now completely free to walk on the lava, Jones exits the cave. Outside he finds a campsite where he expected Sophia and Turner to meet him. Wrong! Jones is ambushed by the Russians and he escapes them on his jeep. After navigating the maze-like passageways of Palawan, Jones sees Sophia and her helicopter. Jones gets on the chopper and he and Sophia leave the island for Mexico.

Indy enters the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico. It's dark inside the pyramid so Jones opens some doors that bring in the light, which later bounces off a statue holding a mirror, and opens a large door. Jones enters it and comes across a hidden valley once inhabited by the Olmec civilization. As he navigates it, Jones finds a large pyramid and enters it. The chamber he's later in had two large doors on both sides of the room. Jones opens one and finds it empty save for a pressurized platform. He steps on it and then goes to the second door. When he opens it, he sees a large feathered snake named Quetzalcoatl. Behind it is Azerim's Part, just a bit too high for Indy to get. But the pressurized plate Indy stepped on raised a platform for Indy to step on and get the part. As he evades the snake, Jones gets the part which makes him levitate when he stands under crystals called The Jewels of Heaven. Jones levitates himself onto an overhead walkway and is safe from the snake. On the ends of the walkway, Jones sees elevator platforms that not only lower him back down, but raise up spikes from some pitholes. Using this to his advantage, Jones has the spikes impale Quetzalcoatl several times before the snake explodes. As Jones leaves the pyramid, he is ensnared in a rope trap set up by Gennadi Volodnikov.

Onboard the Russian freighter, the V.I. Pudovkin, Jones is a prisoner. He escapes his room, finds his stuff, and finds the three machine parts. He then gets off the freighter by using a small motor boat and speeds off to the African coast. Then, probably by private plane, Jones arrives at Meroe, Sudan. He explores several of the pyramids there and finds a passageway into a mine shaft. Hitching a ride on a minecart, Jones navigates the mine caverns and finds three jewels believed to be owned by King Solomon. Using them to open another passageway, Jones enters the tomb of King Nub, one of the disciples of Marduk. After exploring some areas and running into several robots that attack him, Jones finds Nub's Part, a battery that powers up machinery. After defeating a large robot of Nub's creation, Jones exits the tomb and finds Sophia and Turner waiting for him. Turner demands he give them the machine parts but Volodnikov appears behind Indy, saying the agents are gangsters. Indy, however, gives them the parts and they leave him behind. Volodnikov says their betrayal will cost them their lives but Jones follows them.

Back at Babylon, Jones discovers the Infernal Machine. He sees Turner and Sophia put Taklit's Part in a socket and activate some levers. A crystalline cage drops down in front of them and Turner orders Sophia to enter it and go to the Aetherium, where Marduk lives. Sophia refuses and Turner pushes her in anyway. He sees Jones and says he will use the machine to destroy the Communists and secure the world for the Western Powers. Jones doesn't like the idea but Turner disappears with Taklit's Part. Jones discovers that Turner has stuck the machine parts, except Taklit's, in the wrong places. As he searches for Turner, he puts the parts in the right places. Afterwards, Jones faces Turner in a gun showdown and wins. He takes Taklit's Part and installs it. Sophia then drops down into the portal and Jones dives in after her.

Jones ends up in the Aetherium, a world filled with machinery. In this place he finds the Tool From the Beyond. This device opens portals back to Earth (usually places Jones has been before in his adventure) so Jones can replenish his health. Afterwards, Jones faces Marduk but can't defeat him easily. He rushes through a portal that leads him back to the Pyramid of the Sun and gets the mirror from the statue. Rushing back to face Marduk, Indy used the mirror to bounce back Marduk's electric balls back at Marduk, causing him to flee and drop his medallion. Indy inserts the medallion into a socket and an electric ball drops down. Indy then charges his whip with it (which is why Indy's whip is electric in his picture) and goes off to free Sophia. He succeeds in doing so but Marduk swoops in and merges his body with Sophia, creating Mophia, a large harpy-like creature with Sophia's face. As Jones evades Mophia, he finds portals linking him to the mine shaft in Meroe and retrieves King Solomon's jewels. Returning, Jones uses the jewels to unlock three doors that have portals leading to Babylon behind them. Jones opens these portals causing a leak between realms and weakening Mophia. Jones later attacks Mophia with his electrified whip and Marduk is destroyed, releasing Sophia. The two share a romantic moment that is interrupted when the Aetherium begins to collapse. Sophia and Indy run through the portal back to Babylon and the Aetherium vanishes behind them. Volodnikov confronts the two but admits that it was wrong to have tried and used the Machine for world domination and becomes friends with Indy and Sophia. The three then walk away into the sunset.
Also, for fun, if players accumulate enough money by finding treasures, they can buy a map that leads to a secret level, The secret level is in Peru, South America. This is the place Indy went to at the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark. There, he goes to the same temple and finds new passageways and finds another idol. He gets it and escapes another boulder, glad that Belloq won't get this idol.

Indiana Jones
He holds an advanced degree, speaks and reads a dozen languages, has an encyclopedic knowledge of the past, and teaches school. Yet Indy is anything but a mild-mannered professor. He’s been everywhere, seen everything, and when he gets into trouble he knows how to get out–using his wits, his fists, his whip, a gun–whatever it takes. His boundless appetite for treasure and adventure stems from an abiding faith in the mysteries of life.

Sophia Hapgood
Indy has crossed paths with this resourceful and independent woman before. They worked a dig site in Iceland together, where she found a medallion that awakened her psychic powers. Later she helped him find Atlantis. Then, after a tumultuous romance, she disappeared. Now she's back, a spy for the newly formed Central Intelligence Agency, recruiting Jones to figure out why the Soviets are digging up Babylon.

Dr. Gennadi Volodnikov
Analytical by training, mystical by nature, this near-sighted Soviet genius spent the war years designing top secret military codes. Now he's busy investigating the ruins of Babylon, convinced that the Tower of Babel once housed a power more terrifying than America's atomic bomb. Volodnikov is an unlikely archaeologist, more at home with tea and piroshki than fieldwork. He's not much of a Party man either, but the force of his intellect keeps the Communist ideologues at bay.

Simon Turner
Sophia's boss. He's a military intelligence officer who parachuted into France to help organize the Resistance during World War II. When President Truman established the CIA, Turner was one of the first to join. He's cool and competent, always near the action, rarely in it. He hates the Communists, because no one gets rich in their system. Where would America be without men like him?

Nubian Boy
An agile young boy living among the pyramids of the Sudan. Educated in a British missionary school, he's fascinated by European technology–and scared to death of hyenas. He wears a blue diaper.

Holy Woman
The last resident and apparent caretaker of an ancient sanctuary in the high mountains of Soviet Kazakstan. Her withered frame and abrupt manner conceal a radiant energy Indy must learn to release.

Babylonians worshipped him as a god, but he’s actually the power-hungry ruler of a strange domain called the Aetherium. If the mechanical gateway he designed to connect his world with ours had ever worked—woe befall mankind!

This is where you learn to be Indiana Jones. The location is in the canyons of Utah. it is here where he gets his assignment by Sophia who dropped by to visit.

Jones arrives in the ruins of Babylon where he sees a Russian dig site. He infiltrates it and is met by Simon Turner, Sophia's boss in the CIA. Jones later finds three cuneiform tablets telling him where his first destination is and an idol of Marduk which he gives to Turner.

The Tian Shan River
Jones has to navigate the perilous rivers of snowy Kazakhstan in order to find four candles that'll permit him to enter the monastery. Opposing him are the Russian border guards and some wolves.

Shambala Sanctuary
Jones has to navigate the monastery and activate the machinery so he can explore more of the building. The Russians follow him in but are defeated afterwards. Jones later encounters devilish ice-minions, a holy woman who helps him in some areas, and the ice monster that guards Urgon's Part. After acquiring the part, Jones uses it to destroy the beast and get Urgon's part and is guided where to go next by the holy woman.

Palawan Lagoon
Jones makes it to Palawan Island in the Philippines well ahead of the Russians since they don't appear in this level. He later finds a useful machete to hack the vines, a half-sunken Japanese freighter, and underwater passageways that'll permit him to enter the local volcano.

Palawan Volcano
Jones carefully makes his way through the lava tunnels of the volcano and eventually meets Sophia. She's later captured by the Russians but is eventually freed by Indy. She helps Jones get through a door but abandons him in order to do some spying. She warns Jones of another danger ahead and the archaeologist makes his way to the volcano's lower levels.

Palawan Temple
Jones enters a wrecked temple deep in the volcano and is confronted by slow-moving stone creatures. They're easily destroyed by Urgon's Part and the archaeologist continues onward. He moves outside briefly and after careful navigation of rotting rope bridges, he makes it to a lava filled chamber inhabited by the guardian of Taklit's Part, a large lava creature. Dodging it's attacks, Jones makes it to Taklit's Part and uses its invisibility power to sneak past the monster and freeze it to death with water. (level will not work on xp unless switching propteries and switch from xp to 2000 of 98

Jeep Trek
(switch to disc 2) Even though Indy didn't see the Soviets back at the temple, they greeted his arrival when he walked out. He then escapes them with a jeep and is picked up by Sophia flying a helicopter. This level enables you to run over Russians and do long jumps over broken bridges.

Indy lands in the ancient, multi-story Pyramid of Sun. The goal of this level is to put up a mirror in the hands of the central statue. When all the upper floors are enlightened it will reflect the light and open a massive door to the next level. To do this you must move around rock gears in order to open four doors. Behind the Jaguar, Fish, and Bird doors there are a few easy puzzles to get to an idol. Behind the fourth door there are places to put the idols. Beware, once you get to the idol behind the Fish door, the Russians will move in to engage you.

Olmec Valley
This level features a large valley once inhabited by the Olmec tribes. Several regions of the valley are connected with three bridges. To activate the bridges Indy must position the corresponding Olmec Stone Heads onto the proper pressure platforms. The goal of this level is to reach the pyramid at the end of the valley. Indy meets a giant snake Quetzalcoatl inside there, much to his displeasure. He acquires Azerim's Part which enables him to levitate if he stands underneath blue crystals called "The Jewels of Heaven". After destroying the large snake with spikes, Jones is captured by the Russians and finally meets Dr. Volodnikov.

V. I. Pudovkin
Indy escapes his confinement onboard the Russian freighter, V.I. Pudovkin. He later gets his whip, revolver, and all three machine parts. Before he leaves, he overhears Volodnikov talking about Meroe with the ship's captain. Knowing that's where the last machine part is, Jones gets on a motorboat and speeds off ahead of the ship.

This level features four ancient pyramids of Nubian kings. Inside each pyramid there is a Lens Room. Indy must turn on all four lenses to open the door to the next level. The light beams from the lenses will show the exact locations of the four one-eyed statues, which require an Eye Crystal to open each of the four hand-type locks on the exit door. In this level Indy meets a Nubian boy, who helps him to get this Crystal, ravenous heyenas, and a squad of Russian troops. (Level has malfunction on 2000)

King Sol's Mines
The goal of this level is to gather Three King Sol's Gems, Eye of Horus and install them in a small pyramid. The pyramid is on top of an elevator which will permit him to enter Nub's Tomb. During this quest, Jones causes a minecart with Russians to fall off into a pit.

Nub's Tomb
This level features large underground chambers with pillars and hidden passages. Indy's goal is to claim the final Infernal Machine's part – Nub's part, which accumulates some electric power and allows Indy to use different electric devices. The part is protected by an energy shooting Electro-Ball and the many rooms are inhabited by robotic machines that attack Indy. He enters the crypt of Nub and accidentally releases a vast robotic guardian who attacks him. Jones activates several electronic plates that the robot steps on, eventually short-circuiting until it's deactivated. After he gets outside, Jones faces a difficult choice: give the machine parts to Sophia and Turner or to Volodnikov.

Infernal Machine
The beginning of the level brings you back to the map room in the Babylonian library, but the map is torn off, revealing a door to the machine. Jones comes across the awesome Infernal Machine and sees Turner and Sophia install Taklit's Part. Turner then ruthlessly shoves Sophia into a crystalline cage so she can be a "diplomat" to the other side. Turner tells Jones that he plans to use the machine to destroy the Communists and make the world safe for democracy... and capitalism. Turner then takes Taklit's Part out and becomes invisible. Jones searches for him and puts the other machine parts in their rightful places since Turner installed them incorrectly. After a heated gun battle, Jones kills Turner and gets Taklit's Part. He installs it and tries to free Sophia but Marduk satute comes out and sends them both fall into the Aetherium.

The Aetherium
In this envisioning, the Aetherium was another plane of existence, ruled by the god Marduk, which was composed primarily of bluish mists, alien machinery, glowing lights, extraplanar creatures, and other such oddities, and was almost entirely insubstantial to the protagonist, Dr. Jones, who entered it near the end of the game. Sophia is still stuck in the glowing ball while Jones has a survival bar, similar to the ones for breath or Boat, and if it runs out, will constantly sustain damage to his health as a direct result of being outside his usual plane. It's impossible for Jones to walk through the mist, but instead allows Indy to "swim" through".
This level is something completely different from the usual Indy-like style. Indy is inside some "multi-dimensional" substance, which allows him to access different places from the levels he has already been to in reality through special portals. To activate a portal he needs a Tool from Beyond. Here he also meets two incarnations of Marduk and he must kill him by whipping electric blasts. Indy needs to find Three King Sol's Crystals and open three portals to Babylon. The result of this is collapse of Aetherium. Indiana has to escape through the opened portal. At the end Indy climbs out and shakes hands with Sophia and... Volodnikov, who turns to be a nice guy appreciating a true archeologist in Indy and offering rivers of vodka to celebrate the happy ending of the level.

Bonus Level - Return to Peru
This little bonus mission is either possible to get to by purchasing the map, by completing the game, or by gaining a certain amount of treasures.
This level brings Indy back to the Temple seen during the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, but coming through another entrance (Since a certain boulder is stopping you). Indy must work his way through the old traps ("Stay out of the light", the ravine, etc.), new traps (Falling platforms, spikes, etc.) and dangerous animals, including a jaguar, piranhas, and snakes. After retrieving a familiar-looking idol, another boulder rolls after Indy, but goes 'up'. But we all know the rules. What goes up, must come down. The boulder returns, and once again Indy must use his running skills to get out of danger.
After the boulder drops, return to the crypt room, and continue the same route you used; since the boulder is no longer there, you should see a brown circular plate instead. Jump to it, then make your way through the narrow hole on the right. There are five square buttons on the wall in this room. Pressing each button gives you a unique musical tone. Press them in a certain order, corresponding with a prominent five note musical sequence from another famous Steven Spielberg film. This opens another door, showing a familiar structure; you also receive a nice bonus of some herbs and trauma kits.

Machine Parts
When the Tower of Babel was destroyed, Marduk's disciples fled to different parts of the world carrying four critical parts of the Infernal Machine with them. Each part has its own power, and can in certain cases be used as weapon. Indy can only endure using parts for short periods without demage. Only when all four machine parts are returned can the Infernal Machine operate again.
Urgon's Part (Q Key)
Found in the snows of Kazakstan. When used by Indy, it sends out vibrations, and capable of destroying weak walls (will not work on level 7 on xp)

Taklit's Part (W Key)
Found in a volcano in the Philippines. When used by Indy, it confers invisibility.
Azerim's Part (E Key)
Found among the artifacts of the mysterious Olmec civilization of Mexico. When used by Indy with strange crystals called the Jewels of Heaven, it causes levitation.
Nub's Part (R Key)
Found in a tomb in the Sudan. When used by Indy, it powerfully energizes certain machinery of unearthly origin.
Tool From Beyond (T Key)
Opens permeable membranes separating the Aetherium from our own world when Indy is on the other side. It resembles a machine part.
Each of the machine parts has a supernatural guardian or monster, keeping it safe from intruders, which unfortunately includes Indiana Jones, as well.

Ice Guardian
This enormous icy ogre in the Shambala Sanctuary guards Urgon's Part with the aid of little ice minions. Moving quickly will save you health and do not try to kill the ice monster with regular weapons. He is defeated with Urgon's Part.

Lava Guardian
The corporeal lava deity of Palawan Temple lives in a fiery lake and guards Taklit's Part with the help of lava warriors. The lava warriors are slow moving, but the Lava Guardian is not - so be quick. The Guardian is defeated by running across the bridge and opening a cave allowing water into the lava lake. This solidifies a portion of the lake, including the Lava Guardian.

Deep within the Olmec Valley, the ancient god, Quetzalcoatl, has become embodied in a giant feathered snake who fires smaller snakes from its tongue. The colosssal serpent guards Azerim's Part. Hint - open the door that the giant snake statue is not facing first. The pressure switch is timed. The snake can't attack you if you can't be seen.

Robot Guardian
Within Nub's surprisingly electrical, mechanical Egyptian Tomb, a giant bronze robot is the sentinel over Nub's Part.

Ethereal Marduk
In the Aetherium, Indy first encounters (and must avoid) its ruler, the Babylonian god Marduk. Without any weapons to fight Marduk in his pure energy body, Indy cannot defeat him. However, Indy acquires a mirror to reflect Marduk's ether blasts back at him, to weaken him, and eventually, force him to flee temporarily. Final Marduk
After some further exploration of the Aetherium, Indy is able to electrify his whip, which will prove useful in battling Marduk who possesses Sofia's body, creating a majestic, female, birdlike nemesis.

Along the way, Indy also encounters all different members of an army of Communist soldiers, predatory wildlife, and lethal creatures like spiders, sharks, and jaguars. However, each "boss level" is chock-full with an additional amount of particular devious minions that go along with each boss:

Ice Demons
Small, otherworldly monsters found inside Shambala's walls that travel around by rolling and fire icicles at their victims. They resembles miniature versions of the ice guardian.Lava Warriors
Humanoid monsters made completely out of molten rock and come to life when approached, dwelling within Palawan Volcano. They move slowly, clubbing and smashing their prey, and can only be defeated using Urgon's Part.
Venomous Snakes
Seemingly ordinary serpents that inhabit the Olmec Valley, but that are unusually great in number and have the telltale red band markings. They're poisonous, but aren't too hard to kill.
Robotic Minions
Apparently, long ago, the Egyptians had secretly found a way to harness electrical power and develop the world's first mechanized robots. Alas, they're not friendly robots, but basically self-propelled killing machines. The robots in King Nub's Tomb come in all shapes and sizes and can be destroyed with most of Indy's usual firearms, but cause a rather large explosion when they are killed.
Aethereal Demons

A diverse variety of apparently Aetherium-inhabiting organisms have come into being. They range from plump, spiked insectoid creatures (poisonous) to what appear to be large reptilian fetuses with wings (which are harmless). Nevertheless, stear clear, and always be prepared when about to turn a dark corner.