"A meek endeavor to the triumph" by Sampath Jayarathna

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

iPhone death by vibration (screen shut off, phone wont stop vibrating) fix

OK. This gave me an almost heart attack. I thought my 3gs is done forever :(
I guess it started after I received a call and started vibrating with blacked out screen. None of the buttons worked. As you know already, there's no way to take your iPhone battery out or something because of Apples ridiculous design.

For some reason, I got it back to work. Not sure what made it work again, but hopefully this will help any of you in the same situation.

1. I just waited till the vibration stops
2. Removed the sim from the slot
3. Tried pressing both home button and lock buttons at once for 10 seconds. It didn't do anything.
4. Then I plugged the phone to wall outlet and let the battery get some charge. Mine was charged about 70% left when this was happened.
5. When it is plugged in (after about 10 minutes), I pressed the home + lock buttons again and the phone restarted with the apple icon. (Thank god!)
6. It took about 1 minute to restart to the home screen.

Hope this helps.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Voice - Season 5 - Winner Predictions

My favorite music reality program is back for the 5th season. I see some really good vocals in this season. Here's some of my early predictions. I'll update the post with more contenders when the blind audition is over. 

This year I'm rooting for Preston Phol. He got a cool raspy voice and his song choice for the blind audition "Electric Feel" is awesome. I hope Adam Levine (his coach) not gonna kill him later with some bad song choices. 

Next for the runner up, I have several names. 

James Wolpert killed the song "Love Interruption". Thats one of my all-time favorite blind audition song. I love the fact when contenders come up with songs which I never heard of and kill them and sing better than the original. Both "electric feel" and "Love Interruption" makes you say, holy crap, I wanna go and hear that song.....

Apart from these two, I like any of these contenders for final show down. 

Matthew Schuler, Caroline Pennell, Barry Black, Tessanne Chin

It seems like Team Adam is in the position to win this season. I hope, and hope its not like the previous season where Judith Hill lost from votes and Sasha Allen dropped for Amber. It feels stupid if he cannot win this season......

Whats up with everybody going after Blake :) Its like everybody wanna beat him in this season or something. Also again, Christina with her some fake button clicks and gestures.......I loved Shakira, I guess its a mistake they bring Christina back....Shakira was so awesome and honest.....I guess Usher and Shakira gave some really good vibe....not like CeeLo with his ridiculously articulating speeches :)