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Friday, September 13, 2013

Texas A&M Aggies Vs Alabama Crimson Tide September 14 Free Online Streaming Links

This forum post gives you most of available links for this game between Texas A&M University Aggies and University of Alabama Crimson Tide this September 14, 2013.


I checked it last time during the TAMU vs Sam Houston game, the links were crystal clear, no ads and relatively fast. So, I hope things will be same for this big game between SEC giants.

Texas A&M VS Alabama , College Football (American) Game of the Year September 14 2013

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Johnny Manziel Haters first read this!

 If you don't know who Johnny Manziel is, he is the first freshman (first year undergraduate) ever to win the Heisman Trophy. Also known by his nickname, Johnny Football, is an American football quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies (my grad school). He is the main and only reason I love to watch American Football or College Football, he is an electric athlete, much like our Sri Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya. Much buzz about him these days because of several of his off-season behaviors which you can read in his wikipedia profile.  There going to be a major twitter buzz this September 14th the most anticipated college football game of the year between Texas A&M and Alabama, because Manziel was launched into the national scene after he led Texas A&M to a 29–24 upset over #1 Alabama University during last 2012 season. We were the only team to beat Alabama before they got into BCS national title during 2012 season.
See some electric touch downs of Manziel.

This is the best comment I see so far about Johnny Manziel. Here's the comment I talked about, sorry I was so distracted :)

I've yet to see this kid do anything which would cause me great concern as a parent or coach unless the autograph thing turns into something more. However, they basically said he can't sign for anyone's benefit other than the NCAA and the school. They don't want him to sprain his signing hand since they have 1000 items for him to sign which will go to boosters who give money. He showed bad judgment drinking underage and having a fake ID. If he were Norm Johnson, 20 year old science major, then it wouldn't be anything to anyone other than his parents. I had a fake ID at 20 with my mother's knowledge and approval. He tweeted after getting his car keyed. Kids need to learn that not every thought needs to be put on the internet, but that is the thing now. I'm hope he will grow out of it, but many pros haven't figured that one out yet. He went to a NBA game...moving on, nothing to see here. He went to a party at another school and someone else acted like an A hole. Big news ESPN, glad you scooped the country on that one. He got a penalty after being taunted before he even got in the game. I don't blame him. You won so you don't have to listen to their BS. In the end he is 20 and not showing great maturity. I don't know how many people in his position regardless of age would handle his instant celebrity well. I hope he learns how to handle the 24 hour scrutiny ESPN puts on him. It really isn't fair to him. Most people with this attention have the resources to get away from it all. While his family has money, he isn't making a living doing this and is one of the first college players getting the paparazzi treatment. If he gets away from it ESPN will report how he went to a private resort and wonder if he is getting something for free. This kid isn't the devil many on here are portraying him to be. He is a typical college kid under a microscope which most of those complaining about him couldn't handle now let along in college.