"A meek endeavor to the triumph" by Sampath Jayarathna

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy New Year...........

Happy New Year all my friends who r there with me in the past few years and hope ur back-up all the way through this year too. Bit of late to pierce in, had lot of workings specially with my research. Quite a busy these days with all the things.
Now only I know how much of effort has to be done on a research.I remember that in the past how we work on projects. Specially Software Engineering course work project, Indra Traders Stock Maintenance system (Group 13), work of Mr. Dawin (Chandima,nick name MPhil in Typewriting) with pola, nice time with you ppl. The 3rd Year Project, take only 2 weeks to finish a 1 year project work amazing isnt it, got A grade for it too(Hard work OK).
Hey but it is not the case in this research. We have to work hard all throughout the year to come up with a solution. I think this is because, we know the finals solution, but dont know to find correct path to go there.
In my research I came up with a nice solution to find character junctions (to locate connected character junctions) and implemented it in java. It is working quite well. Still at the 50% mark of the work. So my next intention is to uncover, how to merge character segments after segmenting them at a particular junction point. Lot of issues to consider, how to name the segments at the junction? Will the algorithm give the correct number of segments at the junction? Etc. Have to find first-rate solutions for these problems, within a narrow instance of time.

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Nishshanka said...

it is oK.but thing is noone can understand the reality.... you have to study yourself and do some research.....
Becuae you are a Computer Science special Student.then how can we help you!?