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Friday, March 10, 2006

Do you Believe in ghosts ?

I got this interesting image from one of my friend in the jayathilaka hall. According to his confirmation, the location is Yala National Park, and people who are there in the background, as my friend said one of his seniors from the faculty.
Check out the bottom image, can you spot something creepy at the top right hand corner of the image. Now go to the top image. You can see the zoomed ghostly depiction at the top image. Guess what is it.

Do I believe ghost? thats what came to my mind soon after I spot on this. What about you ppl? Do you believe ghosts or spirits or whatever spine chilling? Honestly, I believe the supernaturalism; I believe there is something paranormal to our 3-D world. Something, which will go beyond the dimensions that we know.
Ghosts and Spirits are perhaps one of the most common of all unexplained phenomena, second only to sightings of UFO's. The concept of the dead rising from their graves to haunt the living world has lived on in folklore and tales for generations, and it seems now only too obvious that such stories are in no way false.
So, the topic is very interesting I guess, I checked the web to find out something about the phenomena behind on this. Check this out.

Paranormal Phenomena
In some cases a ghost will not appear visibly, but will instead engage in activities such as manipulating objects and throwing things around - books off shelves etc. This type of ghost is known as a poltergeist. In some more drastic cases, a ghost will take possession of a human being and speak through the person's body, although this is highly rare.
Ghost related phenomena can occur anywhere, and in many different forms. A ghost "sighting" usually involves an Apparition of some kind, whereas in other cases a ghost is suspected because of a feeling of dread in a building or location, cold spots, strange marks and noises occuring and so on.
To date, spirits and ghosts have remained one of the most chilling aspects of the unexplained.

Ahh, Interesting isnt it, so be careful, ghosts are all around you guys, think twice before doing things.

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JC said...

I just came here because you have said elsewhere that if people pass through your web page you might get paid by Google. Well here I am.

First, I am an old man living in America. It is interesting to watch how you young Sinhalese guys blog.

But, I need to comment about the ghost in the picture. I think it's a monkey. See carefully and notice that it is holding on to something above and sitting on something and twisting back to look this way.

Rhesus monkey is not too different from man-ape. The darkness and distortions make this fellow look like a man. A ghost need not hang on to something to stay high as we are made to believe that they are weightless.

Well hold on to your beliefs nevertheless. We all believe things that make us comfortable to think as true.

JC said...

By the way, guys, using language is not a trivial thing. When you said:
Do you Believe in Ghost?
the meaning it conveys first is something like,
Do you beleive in God?
In Catholicism they use the phrase:
Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
So, your heading is like you refer to the concept of Holy Ghost.

What you actually meant to say was:
Do you believe in ghosts?

I wish you the best.

sampath said...

Hey thanx jc, for pointing out the error. I'll put the correct phrase

Nishshanka said...

It may be true or false but when i was your room mate i have seen ghosts lot of times......Wow

Badthing1 said...

Yes I DO believe in ghosts, sampath, as when I was a teenager I had an encounter with one. Although I was frigtened out of my wits, the encounter was beautiful and one I will never forget.