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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wanna know current USA Diesel and Petrol prices??

There is always an excuse from the government for price hike........the magical words for every government UNP, or Mihin brotherhood (just kidding…hope CID wont bail me on this)…..its not time to say anything about JVP cause they didn't govern yet. Guess what is that magical word?

"Price hike due to the Oil price change in the world market"

So I thought its better to give some idea about the US Oil market and how the changes going on......I have good source of price changes and hope Sri Lankans wanna know whats going on here at US.

Major gasoline products used on vehicles at US

3.78 Liters = 1 Gallon (US)
$ 1 = Rs. 111.75

So how much a Liter of regular Diesel and Petrol in Sri Lankan Rupees?

Gasoline Type : Regular Unleaded - (Petrol)
Current Price (1 Gallon) : $ 2.99
In Rs (1 Liter) : Rs. 88.39

Gasoline Type : Midgrade (Petrol)
Current Price (1 Gallon) : $ 3.13
In Rs (1 Liter) : Rs. 92.53

Gasoline Type : Premium(Petrol)
Current Price (1 Gallon) : $ 3.25
In Rs (1 Liter) : Rs. 96.08

Gasoline Type : Diesel
Current Price (1 Gallon) : $ 2.99
In Rs (1 Liter) :

Rs. 88.39

Normally our Mitsubishi Gallant needs $ 35 worth regular unleaded to make it tank full.
Hoping to update this list, whenever there is a change of price on the gasoline


n said...

How's about converting the gallons to liters and showing the equivalent price of US to Sri Lanka per liter or gallon...else the comparisons a bit pointless no?

Sam said...

is that include state tax too in tx ?

sampath said...

Yep, with the State tax!! Only thing is ppl dont care about the price hike here. I dont know why sipmly they dont care!