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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oracle DBMS..............

These days I'm having fun with Oracle. Ye, its kind of cool stuff, feels like mysql that we used to expertise on our past undergrad database class taught by Amalka , I guess Dr. Amalka Pinidiyarachchi by now : ) We used to work with mysql, SQLServer, Access (better to say every bit of MS Access). Now time for Oracle.
Subject is CS 5332 Database Theory class. Two weeks ago we had our first lab quiz and u know how much I got out of 100? 95 and 5 Bonus points add up to 100 marks. Yee.... I was bit scared usually like old days, b'se I started work for it just 2 days before the exam and I tried to solve the example queries given on previous lab classes. I was shocked when I realized that I didnt know how to write at least some simple queries mentioned on the lab examples! So, I just phoned one of my friend to know whats up with these questions and then she mentioned that there was another note that I need to read before working on the queries. Actually that note was the major one that we needed to work on, stupid me. I realized that there was only 3 hrs for the quiz and thought that gonna mess with the quiz this time. There was one such query I couldn’t hold I tried my best to understand I couldn’t do so, then the only thing tried to cram and memorize it.
Before the quiz, Prof Anne Nug, our professor for the subject explained what expected from the lab quiz and showed us the problem before hand. When it was started I was really nervous and couldn't help my self to start the work almost 10 or 15 minutes. After a while I saw that Krishan Pramod, one of my Indian buddy, got answer for the first questions. Oh I was pretty nervous at that time. I couldn’t realize what the hell with my output. It was not in correct format. Then Krishan told me that I need to change the linesize parameter to 250. Here it comes first one down. Two more to go. Then, my cramming helped me out for other 2 questions. I finished entire exam within 2hrs with another 1 hr left. Both those questions from the one that I had problems and that I memorized how to tackle it. Hurrah for my instincts. There was 3 main questions and 1 bonus question. This is how I scored on them,
First question 35/40
Second question 30/30
Third question 30/30
Bonus question 5/10

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