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Monday, January 28, 2008

Lilly: 2yr old World Map Master

Hey its 2008 already? Ha, I checked my last blog post, amazingly it was on November 2007. So, almost 2 months without a post right? OK thats fine, I was on my winter break at Sri lank and it was not a good experience to blog 47kbps dial-up connection at Sri Lanka compared to my 100Mbps cable connection at US!
Hoping to spend some time to do posting on my wedding (yee we are done with the wedding) and some pics from the Becontree, London trip to Shayamilee Akkas home. Goona be a hectic week, lots of stuff to do on the research and studies.
But I thought its better to post this video. Saw this amazing video about master map reader. Can you believe, she’s just 2 years old and she even knows where the Sri Lanka is, amazing ha Ye I guess lots of people who are away from Sri Lanka know how difficult to convince people from other countries that Sri Lanka is not a part of India. Whenever I say I’m from Sri Lanka, next best thing was to say that it’s not in India; it’s a separate Island with unique customs and traditions. Even then we need to say, we don’t speak hindi, and our language is Sinhala and its also something unique. This is true even for our Asian neighbors. My Indian friends sometimes forget that I’m not speaking hindi, or theligu or whatever their language, then I used to say hey guys I can’t speak your language I’m speaking only Sinhala and English, not even Tamil.
Watch this video and see at 3.50 she’s showing where the Sri Lanka is on the world map. Cute ha


siriwardana said...

Thanks for the comment. But, I am uploading those kind of stuff for my parlance. It bolsters me to get it from any where at any time. Only If some one is asking this kind of software constituent from me, I may forward him to this. That's only, what I anticipated. If you feel, this is offensive, you may be out of root.
Any way, I have no much time to update this for each new acumen. So..hope no remorses in future... he heee....

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