"A meek endeavor to the triumph" by Sampath Jayarathna

Sunday, May 25, 2008

USA vs Sri Lanka Gasoline prices

Its gonna be a big deal, specially the new 30% price hike on gasoline. Even in USA the prices are really high. If you wanna know how things changed here, then here’s some details.

When I came here it was around $2.70 per gallon of petrol and around $2.99 per gallon of diesel. Now new prices are Diesel $4.49 per gallon and Petrol $3.89 per gallon. See how things changed. Even for us here at US , its unbearable, so nothing to say about the situation at Sri Lanka. But its pretty sad how people, specially politics guys make it a big deal. What they wanna say is this is because of bad financial management of the government or due to the war. First I wanna say, I’m not a supporter of current government. I hate those “amaththos” with luxury cars and all sort of gasoline subsidies not only them but for their dogs, spouse and “naadaa hathmuthu paramparawatama”. I know there is some sort of management problem. But lots of these issues due to the economic growth of countries like china, India and downfall of US economy. Its just a childish thing to say Sri Lanka is suffering b’se of war or something else. How many luxury cars we have to maintain?? Especially from the government side? What about opposition. Are they going on economic cars? I don’t think so. They too have Montero’s, Prado’s, BMW..etc right? They wanna change the government to start same sort of rapacious earnings. I don’t know how stupid us to vote UNP, JVP or SLFP or whatever. They want just power and money. I heard that newly elected East provincial council pilleyan guys gonna get luxury vehicles and a European tour. What a pity.

Here, oil prices won’t make a big change in other stuff like food or transportation. But countries like Sri Lanka gonna feel it from next day, whenever there is a price hike. Bus prices, food even a plain tea gonna feel the heat of newly adopted prices. I’m soo sad about my family, relations, friends and all common people at Sri Lanka (Except those f***** ministers and parliamentarians).

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