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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike – Hope this will stay away the 150miles as expected?????

Yep. First experience with a hurricane like this. As I learnt, the closest we can expect this going to be from our location is about 150miles. I mean the center of the Hurricane Ike. Today, (September 11th) it’s about 700 miles away from San Marcos, TX, at the Gulf of Mexico. And the land fall from the coastal area of Texas going be Friday or Saturday morning, probably Freeport, TX.
I’m just wondering, how big this going to be? Hopefully not bigger than the 150miles of radius, right? Our college web states that for the moment, all classes are on time and no changes, but they are on continue monitoring with the situation, due the fact that the circumstances can change at any time.
This Saturday 7am, the Hurricane Ike center will be 40miles away from Houston, TX. Hope things won’t be so ugly like Hurricane Katrina.

Here’s a nice web site to check the current situation and the path of the Hurricane Ike. U can click on each predicted center position and get the distance from it to other locations. Nice work.

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