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Monday, November 15, 2010

Reading #28 iCanDraw




              Proposed paper describes a feedback assisting system for users to draw a human face from an image. The work starts with a face recognition system to model the features of a human face from the image, and then sketch recognition to evaluate hand-drawn face and giving corrective feedback and receiving actions from the user. The teaching style of the proposed model is step-by-step instructions complemented by corrective feedback to assist a user towards creating an accurate rendition of an image. The user interface consists of a drawing area, a reference image to draw , and an area to provide instructions and options to the user.

            A reference image was manipulated for each step to help the user to see what to draw. This includes reference lines across horizontal and vertical image sections. The corrected feedback is provided with using text markers as well as visual guidelines. 


            I’m just wondering how this particular method can help on our project3 work where a corrective feedback system to draw a human eye. What other ways the current implementation can modify from its template base to some other way to compare the users sketch? I’m thinking may be Paleo is some sort of a help here? It can give you the type of the sketch the user is drawing and based on this we can decide upon a particular sketch from the required sketch is completed or not!

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