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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to remove AVG Secure Search option from Mozilla tabs

Lately, my Opera browser starts consuming lots of memory around 200k compared to Firefox which is about 70-90k. I really liked the Opera speed dial option and its mouse gestures. But I guess this is the time to move on and try something different.

So, I'm going to see how the Mozilla works, hopefully it should works. So far so good. But one thing that annoyed me at the start was the AVG secure search option. I don't like browser to tell which search engine I should try. I like Google and Bing than anything else, so I thought this should be an easy fix. Whenever I opened a new tab in Mozilla, this goes to a default AVG secure search. But I couldn't find an option to disable that, not even after removing the AVG search option from the search engine list.

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After looking around for sometime, I found a solution, but not sure this may hinder any safety features of the browser or not. If you find so, do let me know.

Here's how to remove the default AVG secure search option in a new tab and moving it to your speed dial or to your default home page.

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Run Mozilla Firefox.
Choose the Add-ons option from the Tools menu.
Select the AVG Safe Search add-on and click on the Disable button.
Close Mozilla Firefox and run it again.

Or you can go to control panel and un-install programs and then change the AVG by un-checking the add-on option.

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MrCalebW said...

Hey, I know this is very late, but I noticed that many people are having this problem still, If you open a new tab, you can click the settings option in the bottom left corner of the AVG secure search page, then click disable tabs from opening AVG secure search and you tabs will once again start blank like default for Mozilla