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Monday, August 12, 2013

Free WiFi calling (VoIP) app for your iOS, android phone US/Canada (No more spending your plan mintues)

* Google Voice is ending support for Talkatone. Please read my new post about alternative free WiFi calling apps

After using the free WiFi calling app "Talkatone" for more than 6 months, I'm pretty happy with the quality and its performance. Talkatone is truly a lifesaver with its free WiFi calling feature so that I don't have to use any of my minutes from the plan minutes.

I'm a happy camper and recommend to anybody who wants a free calling over your home, office or school WiFi. After I moved to AT&T $25 monthly prepaid package with 250 minutes, Talkatone saved me lots of my monthly minutes and I can't imagine how I can survive with only 250 minutes every month otherwise. I'm pretty much either at home WiFi or at Texas A&M WiFi all throughout the day, so why should I waste my minutes if I can use a calling using WiFi minutes? I was expecting the Google Voice or Rebtel are similar, but those are actually using your phone plan minutes. Another good thing is you can use your Google Voice phone number with the Talkatone because its service is based on the Google Voice.

If you want to know how to configure your android or iOS device to send/receive free calls through WiFi, please read my previous blog post, "Make free calls over wifi at US/Canada"

Hope this helps, and Enjoy!

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