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Monday, July 28, 2014

[Acrobat SDK Plug-in Development] How to extract all the terms from the PDF document and create an index (COS Dictionary)

This code snippet will explain how to extract all the terms from a PDF document and then create a COS dictionary (similar to Java HashMap). You can use this method to collect all the terms and their offset value and use these offset of each term for other purposes such as highlighting terms.

I assume that you've already know how to implement basic plug-in functionality using Acrobat SDK. The version of the SDK used in this code example is Acrobat XI SDK. I also assume following requirements,
ACCB1 void ACCB2 termExtractor()
 // try to get front PDF document 
 AVDoc avDoc = AVAppGetActiveDoc();

 //Display words of the pdf file. 
 PDDoc currentPDDoc =AVDocGetPDDoc(avDoc);
 AVPageView currentPageView = AVDocGetPageView (avDoc);
 ASInt32 pageNum = AVPageViewGetPageNum(currentPageView);

 //Create a PDWordFinderConfigRec object;
 PDWordFinderConfigRec pConfig;
 //Set the DWordFinderConfigRec object's attributes
 memset(&pConfig, 0, sizeof(PDWordFinderConfigRec));
 pConfig.recSize = sizeof(PDWordFinderConfigRec);
 pConfig.ignoreCharGaps = true;
 pConfig.ignoreLineGaps = true;
 pConfig.noAnnots = true;
 pConfig.noEncodingGuess = true;

 //Create a PDWordFinder object
 PDWordFinder pdWordFinder = PDDocCreateWordFinderEx(currentPDDoc, WF_LATEST_VERSION, false, &pConfig);

 // Acquire all the terms inside the PDF page. 
 ASInt32 numWords;
 PDWord wordInfo;
 PDWord *pXYSortTable;
 PDWordFinderAcquireWordList(pdWordFinder, pageNum,&wordInfo, &pXYSortTable, NULL, &nWords);

 // Create COS Dictionary to keep track of all the words and their offset. 
 CosDoc cd;
 CosObj Dict;
 cd = PDDocGetCosDoc(currentPDDoc);
 Dict = CosNewDict(cd,false,nWords); 
 PDWord pdNWord = PDWordFinderGetNthWord(pdWordFinder, nWordCounter );
        for(int nWordCounter = 0; nWordCounter < nWords; nWordCounter++)
  // Get the word as a string
  char stringBuffer[125];
  PDWordGetString (pdNWord, stringBuffer, sizeof(stringBuffer));
  pdfCorpus << stringBuffer;
  // Add each term into COS Dictionary to use it later with highlighting method
  // Offset is the location of each term in the document. First term offset is 0 and next term is 1 etc. 
  bool keyExist = CosDictKnown(Dict,ASAtomFromString(stringBuffer));
  if( keyExist == true) // To-do: Duplicate term
   // To-do: catch duplilcates
  else // new term
   CosDictPut(Dict,ASAtomFromString(stringBuffer), CosNewInteger(cd,false,nWordCounter)); 

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