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Friday, November 14, 2014

"The Voice" Season 7 - Final 4 Predictions

Most of my predictions for the 12 playoff contestants are spot on. I'm happy that most agree with these are the best right now. See my previous post "The Voice Winner Predictions before live playoffs"

OK. Here's my predictions for the final 4 from each team and "The Voice" 2014 Season 7 ultimate winner. This may be too early for the ultimate winner prediction, but here goes,

Team Blake: Craig Wayne Boyd
Team Adam:  Damien
Team Gwen:  Taylor John Williams
Team Pharrell : Luke Wade

I really like Luke and Craig they both have a very commanding stage presence. But whether they win or not depends on the song selection. But my bets are on the young "Taylor John" he seems very poise, talented and surprisingly haunting. So I think depends on how well Taylor handles his stage presence and song choice, he seems to win this season.

So my prediction: Team Gwen : Taylor John Williams to win the ultimate "The Voice" Season 7

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