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Sunday, March 08, 2015

How to hide posts from Blogger?

Actually sometimes we publish some posts that we don’t want to be seen by anyone. It can be any reason and any post that you wish not to show in your homepage can be easily hidden from your visitors.

Don’t panic, there wont be any codes to enter in your template (as what others suggested) and I'm not going to share any codes; Do you know that Blogger lets you to change the post back to draft? The trick is by reverting to draft the post you can simply hide it from your homepage, but which still appears in your older archives. That is the hidden post is available only for you to post later on, and not for visitors who lands straight in your homepage. Let us see how to hide certain posts from Blogger homepage.

Login to your Blogger blog and go to posts. Now in post editor that is in top center you will see “publish” option. Just next to that you have "revert to draft" option. Click and select the check boxes of all the posts you want to hide and then click on the revert to draft option.

Go check on your blog’s homepage where you can notice that the particular post is hidden.

Hope this helped you on how to hide specific posts from homepage in Blogger.

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