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Friday, January 15, 2016

Replace your cheap Windshield Mount for Garmin Nuvi with this AC Vent Mount

Brought it from Amazon Nov, 2015

It took a while to get it from seller about 2 weeks. I guess it came from outside of US. No documentations, just the mount, 2 clips and the base in a clear cover.

After going through 2 windshield mounts for my Gramin Nuvi (blame for Texas weather), I think this should work. Real test comes this thanksgiving travel. More updates later.
But for right now, it fits my Grand Vitara perfectly, clipped on to the front AC vent and there's a small latch at the end of the clip which hold on to the vents perfectly.

-Update 1: Jan 15, 2016

After using it closer to 2 months, I'm changing my ratings from 4 stars to.......5 starts :)

Yes people, this is the real deal. No more slipping/melting windshield mounts for me. Had an ultimate road trip during shaky Goliath snow storm through Abilene, Texas to Roswell, NM and stranded in Snyder TX for the day. This worked very well for the mere $2 I spend. Well worth it. It hangs in there, no shaking, no moving. Remember you need to use the hinges at the very end of the clips to connect it inside the AC Vent. It wont move or slip. There's a base in the mount which snugly sits on the base of the front AC Vent. I'll add some pics later. I believe others that its harder to remove. I normally keep the mount sits there and only remove the GPS unit. Its very small and unnoticeable. Let me know if you have any comments about this.......Best buy ever!

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