"A meek endeavor to the triumph" by Sampath Jayarathna

Friday, February 17, 2006

Mid Semeter Exam Ends..............

After some days time im back on to my blog. Lots of works these days. Not only in my academics but also CSUP society , Instructor job at ITC (IRQUE), Asst instructor job at ITC, lecturing at American college. Lots of involvements. Even a day is not enough. Had my final mid semester exam on Linear Programming, one of Mathematical subject at the faculty. Sooooooooo much difficult. Had lot of hopes on it , at least to get an A-. Still have time. We ll see.
Today we had a meeting at ITC at about 12.15. Lots of discussions on the IRQUE project and the Asst Instructor work I just mentioned the ITC staff about the project work and also the difficulties with bla bla bla… u know what im saying.

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Nishshanka said...

i know when exams finished .. some friends like to Drink....
some friends like to Flower Cutting(24hrs).
which category you belong?
he he