"A meek endeavor to the triumph" by Sampath Jayarathna

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New job and a brand new life.........

Today is a milestone in my life, gonna start my new job at the International office Texas State University. I still can't believe I got this and it's completely a surprised for me. Last 22nd I got my change of status to adjust to the full time academic status and it's a dream come true.
I wanna mention and let my appreciation to the Director of the International Office Dr. Bob Seese, who helped me lot on this. When I talked with him somewhere in November regarding my adjustments, it seemed to be almost impossible to get the status soon as this. Still he encouraged me to file the case even though the odds are limited. We discussed the situation almost 2 hours and decided to go for it. At that time Dr. Bob asked me regarding my financial, it was unstable as usual. There was just a bank statement from Sri Lanka. So he strongly advised not to send the documents unless a proper financial verification provided. That made me to delay the filing for another 2 weeks till I obtain all necessary documents and bank stubs from Sri Lanka. Normally for the processing through the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service), takes at least 2 complete months and I was already in a risk of not getting the status before my class starts. University was scheduled to start on January 16th, and I managed to file the case on December 04th. So the difference is just 10 days less than 2 months processing requirement. I was desperate on starting my studies on 16th and with the current status it seems to be not working. So I thought to give a try as a part time student and after some arguments with my graduate advisor Professor Kaikhah Khosrow and again with Dr. Bob finally they agreed that I have the sole responsibility whatsoever for the registering. Only problem with the part time status was I cant legally work in US, especially on campus. Because I cannot obtain my SSN (Social Security Number) that we must have in order to work at US. It made me No Driving License or a Texas State ID and only a Texas State University Student ID.
I still believe I'm the luckiest person in the whole world. Normally a winter season is a headache to all, its cold, slippery with ice and stuff no one can say it's a blessing to someone. But that winter storms in the mid January change my life completely. Guess how???? Due to the winter storm the university postponed its starting and it reopened in January 19th. And the courses add drop deadline was also changed to 23rd. I got my change of status on 22nd and just managed to add another course to obtain full time academic status. Its like a miracle, because when I checked the USCIS web, they were working on the cases filed on October 15th. But I got my status changed almost within 1 ½ month it was really unusual to be happened.
The other miracle happened when I was there for the F1 student check-In at the International office. I was desperate on finding a job otherwise I have to wait till summer I to get a job from the Computer department. I sent emails to several professors by requesting opportunities to work as a graduate assistant or at least as a student worker. Here at Texas State University, it's so hard to find a graduate assistantship and they are almost competitive because of the limited availability. I got a positive response from Professor Xiao Chen in the computer department and planned to meet her last Monday. So I worked on my CV and got ready for it and she asked me to come at about 3pm. Previously I scheduled my International check-in on the same day at 2pm. On the day, I finished my check-in with the international office staff and also thanked Dr. Bob regarding his help on my case. When I’m on my way to meet professor chen, I got a phone call from the International office and let me that they have a Graduate Assistantship and if I'm interested, I can come for an interview with them. It was a rare opportunity and I said OK and rushed back to the international office again. After kind of an informal interview they let me that there are 2 other potential candidates and they promised to let me know the situation by the end of this week. But I knew at that time I already got the position, because of my hands on experiences in the web development. Ha, I forgot to mention the job, it is for web development. Just after I finished the interview and at the library I got a phone call again from the International office and they let me that I got the position. Hurrah......they asked me to come today for the necessary paper work and hope I can start working on the February onward. It was the second best miracle..... (Hey Nim, you are my utmost miracle and don’t worry these miracles are something else)
I know how I got this opportunity, specially effective communication and my works on the web development......specially My Open Maze blog and University of Peradeniya Special student web. At this time I wanna remind who inspired me and encouraged me on this blogging. Suranga (Mano) thanx for ur help and positive encouragement. Lately the encouragement from charith (pola) and Indika (dewaniya). Thanx guys and thanx blogger.


Indika said...

Hii, Wel done. Keep up the good work .....................!!!

NisH™ said...

wow just read the article wow i was the key person nehind you.ha ha ...Love and Profession.
(apata salakanawa madi ))