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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Independence Day - Sri Lanka

Today (Sunday the 4th of February), Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka celebrates her 59th anniversary of regaining independence from the British Colonial rule which began in 1815.

Sri Lanka has been known, from ancient times, to several civilisations of the world by a variety of the words by a variety of names. The Greeks called her "Tabrobane", the Arabs named her "Serendib", and the old colonial powers of Portugal, the Netherlands and Britain, called her "Ceilao", Zeylan" and "Ceylon" respectively. Sri Lanka is an ancient indigenous name, meaning the "resplendent island".

During the post-independence period, sri Lanka developed into a state with strong foundations, whose standards of literacy (89 per cent), education, health (life expectancy 72 years for females and 69 years for males) and nutrition, are among the best in the developing world. UNDP and UNICEF rate Sri Lanka as one of the best among developing countries on the Human Development Index (HDI) basis.
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