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Sunday, February 18, 2007

2000 bloggers - See who's there

Thanx for Kottu blog archive, i found this cool site 2000 bloggers, cant remember from whom i got this. But surely its a kottu blog archive member. So thanx whoever, for introducing these kind of global events........ This goes to the person who post abt 2000 bloggers at Kottu. This is just abt 2000 bloggers, ppl who dont know and wanna know what is it?

Tino the author of this site defines it in this way

55 million blogs......I'd like to showcase all of them, but I've settled on just 2000 bloggers.Bloggers come from all walks of life! Some are SEO experts. Some are writers. Some are sports enthusiasts. Some are affiliate marketers. Some are business professionals. Some are political. ALL HAVE OPINIONS!!!.....Two requirements, though:
1. You must have a photo of yourself somewhere on your blog, and
2. Your blog must have been created prior to January 1st of this year

So thats kind of an idea isnt it. I tried sending a comment to join the group. Hurra......i got my face on it yesterday. But thats not the coolest thing...........I'm featuring on the home page of the site too.........If u can't belive just look at this..........2000 bloggers home
. One of my post abt valentines day is featuring at the site first page. Kind of a previlage. Thanx Tino!

This is for the ppl who wanna share there blogs at 2000 bloggers site. Check this link
and send a comment including ur blog url and photo page url (photo should be included in ur blog). Thats all. If u r lucky enough.....who knows u will be at the 2000 bloggers site too. So hurry up......there are only few more slots available as i guess, b'se im at somewhere in the 1800 place so hurry up guys and girls..............see ya at 2000 bloggers...............cheers

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Nishshanka said...

Hi...... go an see kottu.org site you can see my web blog url there in TOP - Dont read !