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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Prof. V.K. Samaranayake passes away – this salute is for you professor

Well-known Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, V.K. Samaranayake has passed away on the night of 6th June 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden.

This is shocking news; he was the founder of the BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology- External) program at the University of Colombo (UCSC). Thanks to him lots of people, including me got the opportunity to step into the IT world. Specially because of the knowledge I gained from the BIT let me to perform exceptionally in my internal undergraduate program at the University of peradeniya to get the exclusive computer science special entrance (just a 13 computer specials students out of 100+ computer students from the faculty)
Prof. V.K. Samaranayake, was the founder Director, University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) of the University of Colombo, and Chairman of Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka,
Late Prof. V.K. Samaranayake was a Fellow of the Harvard Information Infrastructure Project and the National Center for Digital Government of the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He is also a Post Graduate holder of the University of Kalaniya.
In the field of IT he has pioneered work on IT Policy, Legal Infrastructure, EDI/E-Commerce, Security, Internet Technology, Computer Awareness and IT Education. He was actively involved in the formulation of the ISO 10646 standard for Sinhalese Characters and in the development of multilingual web sites. He has also been instrumental in helping to apply computers in many areas of governance, including in national elections. He also actively extended his contribution in implementing the 'Nanasala' concept in to a reality.
The Government of Sri Lanka has honoured Prof. Samaranayake for his contribution towards IT by the award of Vidya Prasadini in 1997 and the national honour Vidya Jyothi in 1998. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has presented its President's Award for International Cooperation to Prof. Samaranayake in 1996 in recognition of his contribution.
His remains will be brought to Sri Lanka and funeral arrangements will take place in Colombo

Special Note: Here's pic of the BIT batch photo, at the front seated Prof V.K Samaranayake, and me at the 3rd row standing in the middle (rounded circle marked)


Just Mal said...

That degenerate miscreant Donald Gaminitilleke (of the now dysfunctional VKS blog) should not be allowed to replace him.

Sameera Wijerathna said...

Dear Friends

He is the person who made a tremendous service to the Sri Lankan ICT
industry, His tireless efforts were the reason for most of the successes.
He could see the potential and he worked for it.

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