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Saturday, November 03, 2007

How to Install Ubuntu on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and resolve the Graphic Problem

When i checked my site traffic last few days, there was a considerable amount of requests related to "How to install Ubuntu on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007" or "Ubuntu Graphic problem on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007". I thought its better to guide my blog readers and show them a good resource place that they can learn all this with good graphical explanations (instead of repeating all and without violating the copy writes ha). Here is the link that you can use for step by step explanation on Ubuntu Installation on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and resolving the graphic problem.

Click here to view the step-by-step procedure

My advice here is, first finish your full installation on the Ubuntu on Microsoft Virtual PC and then start debugging on the graphic problem. For this you need to start your installation on text mood, not the graphic mood. You can use to following key combinations to start the text mood.


One doubt that I had in the middle of the installation, where it asked to format the virtual hard disk. Don't worry this is not your hard disk C: partition. This is the virtual partition we selected way before the Ubuntu installation :)

If someone has any question on this, forward your request to my email
sampathid2003@yahoo.com No scamming please and also please use a proper heading for your email, otherwise those will end up at my junk folder. Happy hunting on the Microsoft Virtual PC 2007!

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