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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

LTTE Child soldier next to Tamilselvan's coffin speaks loud and clear

Tigers were caught red handed when they published the photo of a ten-year-old girl in a military uniform just next to Tamilselvan's coffin, being carried by Tiger cadres in Vanni.The photo appeared in a pro-Tiger website that gave an account of Tamilselvan's funeral.
A local English daily (The Island) reproduced it on Page One yesterday (06). The paper also mentioned that the embarrassed Tiger website later cropped the photo to hide the truth. Still many have the unedited version of the photo as evidence to prove that Tigers are continuing their hunt to run their "Baby Brigade".
The issue of forced conscription of children by the Tigers has been discussed at various levels including the UNICEF. Each time this allegation was put to the Tigers, they claimed that they have imposed strict rules and regulations to avoid children (or underage) joining their organization.

Wheres Human Rights Watch & organizations? Those who were present at the funeral will vouch for this fact. It was highly unfortunate that high ranking Catholic clergies (Rayappu Joseph) and Hindu priests were there to conduct final religious rites were witness to this cruelty to children without any protests (terrorists?).

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sittingnut said...

it is interesting that reuters (whose sl correspondent simon gardner has a long record of pro ltte terrorist bias) carried the cropped picture (with byline - "REUTERS/LTTE/Handout" ).

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can get in touch with Reuters and send them the picture, without red circle of course as they say they follow the book on unbiased publishing!