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Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Reservation ( Anthony Bourdain ) - Sri Lanka

I like this episode of No Reservation, at my lovely home, Sri Lanka. We used to watch the travel channel lot, Bizarre Foods by Andrew Zimmenrn and No Reservation specially. Throughout this episode, I felt that something is missing, especially they showed the congested city of Colombo, tightened security, Burger community, Tsunami hit southern village???? I didn’t see any Sinhalese home? No Buddhist temple? No visit to beautiful up country, Kandy and Nuwaraeliya. No visit to great city of Anuradhapura, and Seegiriya??? No visit to “helmalu” paddy fields? ………………OK at least they showed we got pretty good food, and we are totally different from India…………and we don’t speak hindi…….
This is a quote from his final conclusion about Sri Lanka
“ This could be such a beautiful place if one could wonder freely from top to bottom of this country, it’s so amazing people were you seeing, they are lovely. The food after all my troubles earlier on what felt like the verge of death? Finally would able to actually enjoy it, a revelation. So distinct from Indian, so different from what I’d expected. And I guess and I hope when it all opens up, Sri Lankans settle their problems one way or the other, this will again be a place that a whole world will fall in love with”

……I totally agreed Anthony Bourdain………….cheers………..


Anonymous said...

too bad i missed it on travel channel,but thx for posting it up here.

Anonymous said...

anthony has a way all his own when expoloring a country. all in all, he pretty much grasped what our country is like today. it was good to see pillawoos..miss their kottu's so much!

Sam said...

I waited for this for 2 years. A season after season. May be next season. Ok. Not this season, may be next. Finally bugger is there. And I’m happy.

I don’t think he have to show all those places because this is not a travel show. This is a food show. He always says, he shows painful massages or endless hiking, if there is nothing about food to show in that country.

Nish™ said...

last weekend i went horton plains.i feel the same thing. sri lanka is a country not like any in the world.
love to be here and proud to be a sri lankan

Anonymous said...

Well, he did go to a Sinhalese home (Leela's cooking). True that he didn't go everywhere, but again, it's a food show. I liked the show especially because he stressed how different it is from Indian food, which is the truth that many people aren't aware of.

- Chamaree