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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Eastern Inspired Living (Site Review)

With the first look at the Eastern Inspired Living, I wondered what this term “LOMBOK” is. It is in the URL, in the main LOGO and even as a link to LOMBOK news? I feel bit misleading with it, and how this term going be related with the term "Eastern Inspired Living"? If it is an abbreviated term related to the web site, I guess better to expand it somewhere so that the consumers feel it close to what the site trying to provides.

When it comes to amenities for a luxuries living, one will feel more comfortable with surrounds, with more soft and smoother background. As a consumer, I feel the index page design is more edgee , with the square faces and rectangular menu selections. Color selection is more like neutral than a vivid feeling when thinking about Eastern Living.

With the use of search term “log basket”, I tried to see how a general consumer looks up items from the web “Eastern Inspired Living”. Thumbnails are pretty much with details, but feel the size is bit larger compared to other consumer product supplier web sites. May be a reduced thumbnail size and a link to get all the results into a single page, will make the search feature a proper tool for the Eastern Inspired Living site.

Is there any option to view the search items price in other popular currency values, like American Dollars, or Euros? If the Eastern Inspired Living site is targeting international consumers, this will give kind of a feeling that the site is closer to consumers living style. As a consumer from the US market, I felt the site is far away and this will certainly affect the actual consumers who want to buy products. May be an option to convert currency values with the viewing option will certainly increase the consumer popularity of the site.

With search keyword lamp shades and laundry baskets, I found that the index showing the different lighting options bit confusing. Whenever particular sub category under the term Lighting is selected, the keyword background is highlighted with a grey color bar, which I felt more like a separation title than a selection among other sub titles.

Overall, “Eastern Inspired Living” web site provides an interesting consumer appliance sales portal and, with a bit of vivid touch on the interface and some developments based on the stated options, it will be a great place for people who looks for things out of ordinary.

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