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Friday, June 26, 2009

Mobile Fun - Everything Mobile (web review)

When I saw the index page of the Mobile Fun web page, I thought OK, something is out of touch here, something makes the page bit odd? I guess the first two items which are on sale, the thumbnail of those icons are too big! I know those should be different from what on the bottom of the Latest products, but I feel they should be in similar size, and may be using different method to show out them as on sale? May be placing all of them in the same size and then use the on sale icon already in the page to make them special? May be a cool animation to pop them up several times when the page loads for the first time?

Another quick thought on the same on sale items. I thought those items are rotating, I mean they are changing every time someone refresh the page or log in. Seems to me those are just static continent? I guess only those 2 items, jabra bluetooth headsets, and other types of headsets on sale, plus nano Bluetooth dongle on sale are the only items in this category. If you just have few, why you want to pop them to show? It makes the site bit cheap.

I know there is a big demand for Bluetooth Headphones, bluetooth car kit and all those small gadgets. But most the people want to see, and like to see, some featured mobile phoned you have. This will give you a better view on the site and the items on the Mobile Fun page (just a thought). In my opinion, mobile gadgets are in second consideration, and first priority is for Mobile Phones, at least as a customer, thats what I’m looking for. First buy a mobile phone and then buy other gadget stuff. Why don’t you move all the featured mobile phones up on the list and then show the other accessories?

Another quick thought on the layout of the index page. There are lots of information on the left side panel, currently Mobile Fun page is listing all the Mobile accessories, and Sim free mobile phones with showing all available brand names. Personally its OK for me to have them in a drop down box and its easy to go through the phones that way. You are categorizing phones bases on the popularity I guess. But why don’t you have a drop down list and then put them in alphabetical order of the brand name? This makes easy for customers to find the item or the brand they want. And this will help Mobile Fun web to save some space on the side panel and use it for some other task.

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