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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Omio - Ultimate Phone Comparison Site (Web review)

When I looked at the Omio web for the first time, I felt something wrong with the color selection for the outer background. “Sky blue” is nice, I like it as a color, but for the Omio web site, I guess its not a matching one. I’m thinking may be little bit dark color, or may be the outer color of the “MS word” window I’m using, which I guess a better choice for the Omio? Another quick thing, I guess the orange on Omio logo and sky blue is not a good match, I guess even any blue is not a matching color for orange.

OK, no fancy menu? I mean at least something bit bigger or taller than currently has in Home, Deals, and Phones…….menu? I felt no connection when I looked at it due to a short (I mean the size) menu and probably something better needs to be selected for it. If you look at the T-Mobile web site, you will understand what I’m trying to say. There should be at least one inch title section, for a better impression on viewer, which should consists of the Logo, Title menu, join, login, About page. And also may be option to show the page in a different language. Another quick thought, its better if Omio can develop their own search rather the Google custom search. This makes the site bit cheaper.

When you come to Mobile phone deals, Omio did a great job by creating sliders with information. I guess even big companies like T-Mobile, or At&T wants to see this, thumbs up, and good job Omio.

The section where the Mobile phones news, I feel its bit congest, and longer for any customer. If Omio wants to give Mobile Phones information, better choose something related. If you really want to have this in your page, a better choice is a one line news page with (may be a flash box) with rotating or flashing news. Same thing for the Latest Mobile phone reviews section, where some reviews on phones like Nokia Phones, Sony Ericsson etc is handled. If you can reduce this space, you can provide better information for your customers.

Do you really need the left panel to show that information? There is a better choice already by making it with colorful Browse by Mobile Phone Deals on the Omio index page. I feel it’s repetitive, and better use it for some other thing. I guess Omio choose it as a standard, but there is no particular need to have a left panel in your page for navigation.

As a suggestion, Omio can show more mobile phones in the index (not just 5) by removing the news and review section, and this will attract more customers, because they are here to look at mobile phones they like. If they want to hear news or reviews they will choose the Mobile phone they want to hear. Then you can start providing reviews and news on them.

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