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Friday, August 24, 2012

Amex extended warranty - Amex the best credit card ever!

My first experience with any of the extended warranties from credit cards. I brought a Canon printer from Walmart (online) with their site-to-store option which cost me about $32. I guess after 1 year, the printer started breaking, there was something wrong with the head unit and my printouts are slightly slanted with some fade marks on the corners of the printout. Still the photocopy/scan options work though.

I'm using my Amex card for most of my online purchases, because of its outstanding reward options. I normally get 5% cash back from money spend on grocery, gas and medicines and 1% in anywhere else. And also I know they have an extended warranty program which normally covers upto 1 year of manufacturers warranty if your purchase suddenly malfunction or the manufactures doesn't take the returns. Normally Walmart is pretty good with return policy and you can always return your product within 3 months for a full refund, even without a receipt.

So, I had a chance to test out the extended warranty of Amex when my printer starts bad last week. I thought its going to be a lengthy process with calling to an amex agent and submitting my receipts etc. I was pleasingly suprised how easy it was, I had to submit a single online form which asked about the device, the problem, buy date, amount and manufacturer's warranty.  So, I did that and thought I'm gonna get a call later with all sort of questions why/how/when and probably need to submit some sort of paper work before it is processed and most probably its gonna be a declined claim.

I just checked my Amex account, surprise, surprise..there is a $32 benefits payment in my account from the approved Amex extended warranty.

I'm definitely gonna recommend the Amex credit card to everyone!

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