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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Configure Bitbucket with Eclipse

Create Bitbucket account and repository
1. Head on over to http://bit-bucket.org and click on the giant yellow “Sign up free” button.
2. Fill out the sign up form.
3. At the top of the Bit Bucket page find the Repositories tab and mouse over it.
4. Select “Create new repository.”
5. Create your repository. (Note: Don’t forget to select “private” if you need a private repository.)
6. Select “Repositories” again from the top menu and click on the name of your newly created repository.
7. This will load a details page and you will see the url that you need to copy for interaction with this repository.

Configure eclipse
8. Fire up eclipse.
9. Find the “Help” menu on the far right of.
10. Select “Install New Software…”
11. The following software install menu should pop up.
12. On the next screen you need to enter a URL for where the plugin can be found.
      The mercurial plugin for eclipse is located here:

Import Repository to local 
13. Now I’m going to go ahead and assume that someone has already created a repository and you are importing a project. If not than you can skip a few steps and just commit and push your repository.
14. Select the “Mercurial” folder and then “Clone Existing Mercurial Repository”
15. Enter the repository url, your username and password.
16. Go ahead and code away. Make sure to (right click and) commit any new files and folders that you create.

Content from the original article, click here.
In Eclipse select “File” > “Import”
14. Select the “Mercurial” folder and then “Clone Existing Mercurial Repository”

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