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Friday, March 29, 2013

How to kill Bed Bugs

Please read the "Disclaimer" before you read the method.

The best way to kill bed Bugs is to use Gasoline ( petrol/unleaded fuel), yes just spray your furniture, mattress with gazoline ( little) and wait for 24 hours, it will die from the smell you can redo this every 2 days to kill the eggs. its 100% trusted way to kill the bed Bugs, Just becareful don't smoke or turn on any electrical device that can make fire.

* Make sure to empty the entire room and wash all the cloths in hot water.
* Put some Gasoline in a spray bottle and start spraying all over the place. Make sure you cover the entire room, every inch of the place.
* Spray to your, furnitures, bed mattress and frames thoroughly.
* Open all the windows/doors and let the smell goes away. Don't use the room and mattress for couple of days. Let it air dry. If you can keep the furnitures, and mattress outside for air dry, that would be great. But if not possible, keep it for several days. The smell will eventually goes away.
* Use a vinyl mattress cover and use a double sided sticky tape to run around the mattress so that you can verify there's no more beg bugs in your room. Normally bed bugs will crawl to your bed at night, the sticky double tape can trap them for you.

Hope this helps and this really works. No more expensive exterminators :)

Disclaimer: Use it at your own risk. Any information on this blog post is for your convenience only and should not be interpreted as endorsements or recommendations by me. I cannot accept responsibility or be held liable for any loss or damage arising from using the information posted in this blog post.

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