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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Google Nexus HD $199? and iPad mini $250? I'm soo ready!

With the roaring 7-inch tablet market right now, I'm more inclined to buy one than the iPhone 5. I'm pretty much satisfied with my iPhone 3GS but something with bigger screen and better battery life (of course siri too) would be cool. But the price tag for the data is not the ideal for my pocket. Just $20 bucks for a data plan and another $60+ something would definitely going to put me above $100 monthly margin again. With my current monthly package, I'm already paying close to $100 bucks and almost 2 years. So, its time for me to move on (bye bye AT&T) from monthly packages (this November 2012 after my 2 year contract ends) and find may be $30 Tmobile prepaid package.  

Still with my home wifi and TAMU wifi, I can definitely spend some money for a tablet. Not the iPad, thats crazy with a $400 price tag, who wants to spend that much for a tablet? My ideal price tag is $200-$300 and even upper bound is not something I'm willing to pay for a device which is going to lose the shine after other competitors comesup with new specs. So, I'm looking right now for the rumored iPad mini, which is said to be in $250 price range (probably $300), and Google Nexus HD in $199 price range. If the rumors are correct, iPad mini is going to be revealed this October 2012 and Google Nexus in late November before X'mas season. 

So, what I expect? Here's my ideal hardware specs for a tablet device. If Google comes any closer to it with a $199 price tag, I'm sold in pulse. If not, iPad mini seems to be the way to go,

My ideal hardware specs (September 27, 2012)
Cameras: Front and Rear Facing Dual cameras
Screen: 7+ inch
Processor: 1.3Gz, Quad-core
RAM: 1GB, ideal 2GB
Expandable Storage: upto 64GB
Speakers: Dual stereo with Dolby
Resolution: Retina or something 1280x800 , 216 ppi
Connectivity: wifi only (3G ideal but I don't think in $200 price range)
HDMI-out: Yes definitely
USB: Yes definitely with capability to plug in external hard drives or thumb drives
Storage: 16GB

With that, look at the current specs of the best 7 inch tablets in the market. Seems to me Kindle HD is the best but hopefully Nexus HD and iPad mini will trump the specs within couple of months. 

No matter any hardware specs, such a Nexus HD tablet would certainly be a sweet surprise for the holidays, I'm just not holding my breath.

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