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Friday, September 28, 2012

T20 Cricket World Cup - My Predictions for Semi and Finals

I'm looking at the live match of the T20 Cricket World Cup Group 2 between India and Australia. Seems to me, Australia is winning, at least they are somewhere in gettable 140 mark in after Indian innings. So far, Sri Lanka and West Indies are ahead in the Group 1 standings and probably Pakistan cricket team and Australia going to be on top of Group 2.

Time for me to do some predictions for the Semi Finals and Final match. I don't really go with the statistics of previous matches or current matches and rankings. I have never played Cricket for my school team nor I did play any professional cricket. I'm just another hearty cricket spectator (tennis ball) like anyone else, who gets up even mid night to watch a match (if only Sri Lanka is playing) even it is 5 day test (all day) or One Day International Cricket. I'm on the other side of the world, still I pretty much addicted to this  game like any other subcontinent spectator. I don't really an extreme cricket lover by the way, I don't fancy to buy an expensive ticket to go and watch live in the ground. I'm pretty much in my comfort zone, in front of TV or here in US, in front of my laptop (5am in the morning US Central time) watching the live streaming thanks to ESPN. I pretty much love the fact that I can see the replays and listen to the commentators than the loud and live experience in the cricket ground.

OK, enough rambling, time to go back to predictions :)

Group 1
South Africa

Group 2
West Indies
Sri Lanka
New Zealand

With the current standings and how each team play, I must say, the most possible scenario for the Semi Finals are,

Group1: Australia, Pakistan
Group2: West Indies, Sri Lanka

So, the Semi Finals

Sri Lanka Vs Australia
Pakistan Vs West Indies

Sri Lanka Vs West Indies

and yes I'm rooting for Sri Lanka for winning this T20 Cricket World Cup. Go Lions!

What do you think? No statistics, just by heart?

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Sampath said...

One half of my prediction so far true. If India cannot defend 120 today, they are out and Australia and Pakistan will be in for Semi Finals. How accurate are my predictions....