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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

"The Voice" Season 3 - Winner Predictions

Its just the first couple of weeks and the end of the blind audition of "The Voice" season 3. I'm already rooting for couple of contenders for winning "The Voice" and the wining team and coach.

Honestly I don't see a good set of contenders in this season. Only couple of singers with a limited vocal ability in my personal opinion. Some additions in this Season 3 are utterly ridicules, like "Daniel Rosa", come'on Voice, are you serious? And the husband and wife duo, Beat Frequency? Are you kidding me?

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I'm so much disappointed in the way that the coach selection in this season. When Adam and Christina turned around, Black doesn't wanna turn? And does Cee lo is there just to cover the forth coach bench? It seems to me that Cee Lo is somewhere else.......just having fun with the opportunity and not wanting to win at least this season. And Christina mocking the contenders faking to click on the button? How ridicules is that?

And also, I dont know why they want to make it some emotional shit with brininging up some family health issues, or contenders health issues etc. Come on, we are here to listen to their voice, not their past history!

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So, I'm rooting for Team Adam this time. I'm pretty sure one of contenders from Adam Levine's team is going to win the sole "The Voice" title of the Season 3 this time, unless some other coach snatches the contenders with the Season 3 twist.

My predictions for this Season 3 are,


Avery Wilson, Melanie Martinez, and Benji.  I like Bryan Keith too. But I dont hear the same gravel tone of his (Signature Voice as Christina Aguilera correctly said so) in the studio version.

This years list after blind audition is damn big, so I cannot exactly predict with a sure tone. May be I should come back and update while the voice progresses.

Here's some of the studio versions (complete songs) from the blind audition which I think the best of this Season so far.


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