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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How do i transfer a Motorcycle (Moped, Scooter 150CC) Title in Texas?

This is my personal experience in titling a 150cc scooter (moped) in Texas. I was looking for all over the places on how to title transfer a used 150cc Scooter in Texas. I recently brought a used TAO 150cc scooter from Craigslist and wanted to title it in my name. Few things to remember  when you buy a vehicle whether its a used car or a motorcycle.

Title - This contains all the information of the scooter like the VIN, License Plate, Mileage, Body color etc. My seller signed the back of the title and wrote the correct Mileage in KM. Remember some of these Chinese scooters comes with the Odometer in KM not Miles. So remember to ask your seller to write the correct Mileage on it.  I also wrote all the required information in the title.

Tittle Application - Please download the title application from your Texas DMV link. The seller needs to provide his information in the darked color area and the price sold. Also you need to have your information as a buyer like name, address etc. There are two places that the Seller needs to sign. Also remember the title application is same for Vehicles and Motorcycles.

Insurance - I brought GEICO Motorcycle Insurance for about $100 per year. There was a $3 discount for having a car insurance from GEICO. Still I guess the amount should be around $100.  The title office checked the insurance before they transfer the title to my name.

Fees I paid at the County tax office.
My title application shows following fees
Title application Fee: $13.00
Texas Mobility Fund Fee: $15.00
Sales Tax Fee: $xx.xx
Transfer Fee: $2.50

I already had the license plates in my Tao 150cc with valid registration. Before I go to tax office, I thought you have to get a new license plates with the registration if title a motorcycle. Thats what I read in the web, specially in Texas if it is not a vehicle, then you can't keep the license plates from the previous owner.  But thats not true, the tax office told me that I can keep the license plates from previous owner as in any other vehicle transfer in Texas.

Remember, you have to pay tax on the Motorcycle whether you buy it from dealer or private party from Craigslist. If buying from an individual, when you apply for a vehicle title the motor vehicle sales tax (6.25 percent) on either the purchase price or standard presumptive value, whichever is the highest value must be paid. The standard title, registration and local fees will also be due. Contact your county tax office for the exact amount that is due and to learn which forms of payment are accepted. Acceptable forms of payment vary by county. There is a covinient fee about $3 or I guess something like 2% charged on paying these fees using a credit/debit card. So have a check with you to pay for it without additional fees.

Note that when I checked the standard presumptive value for my TAO TAO 150cc scooter, it showed as $0. So the tax amount was the 6.25x scooter cost which I paid for the seller which was stated in my title application. So its possible that some vehicles will not have this value listed in the DMV database.

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