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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

7 Years of Blogging : What a day to celebrate 12/12/12

It's time to celebrate. In 2005 (12/12/2005) "Open Maze" launched and now seven years later, the blog is growing with thousands of visits every month.

Please find my first blog post : String BlogName= “Sam’s Open Maze” ; // Initialization
Yep, you can guess, I was a Computer Science undergrad at Peradeniya and exactly thats what came to my mind as the first blog post title.

Some stats

"Open Maze" has grown much the last year and has now more than 8000 page views per month and  over 40,000 visits all these seven years. I hope to grow "Open Maze" much more, have more blog posts and develop a rich content for you to enjoy.

Pageviews last month 8,980
Pageviews all time history 42,643

Top hit posts:

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