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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Survivor Philippines" (Season 25) - My Best Prediction...Success!

I'm pretty much like Nostradamus when it comes to Survivor winner predictions, and my recent prediction is pin point accurate with 2 out of 3 of the finalists predicted correctly including the Sole Survivor of the "Survivor Philippines" (Season 25).

I did my prediction on November 08, 2012 when the tribes were merged and the first cast away voted out to be in the Ponderosa, Roberta "RC" Saint-Amour.

here the previous blog post "Survivor Philippines" (Season 25) : Winner Prediction

And the winner was announced during the 2 hour season finale last Sunday, December 16, 2012.

Denise Stapley is the Sole Survivor and Lisa Whelchel almost got it but lost because Jonathan Penner revealed her true identity (her nine-year role as the preppy and wealthy Blair Warner on The Facts of Life) at the final jury voting.

I'm excited to see the next season :)

Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites is the twenty-sixth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor, which will premiere on February 13, 2013.[1]

Much like Survivor: Micronesia, the first season to have the "Fans vs. Favorites" subtitle, this season will initially feature a tribe of ten returning contestants from previous seasons opposing a tribe of ten new players. It is the eighth season overall to feature returning players. Filming of the show took place in the islands of Caramoan, Camarines Sur in the Philippines, the same filming location as the previous season.

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