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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Worst US Bank : Chase Bank USA

After almost 7 years of experience here in US, I'm proudly present you the worst bank ever with their customer service, The JPMorgan Chase Bank. If you ask me why is that, here are the reasons!
  • I used to bank with Wells Fargo, CITI and Chase among all of these, Chase is the only bank who doesn't give you free starter checks. Come on, if you do more than $2000 deposit and then if you make direct deposit to their bank how come they cannot make that simple courtesy of giving couple of free checks. I don't need a 100 pack check books. I just need couple of checks in case if I want to use it. Both Wells Fargo and CITI generously gave me couple of 100 starter checks and also pack of checks through mail without a cent. So, I can't believe or understand the idea of not giving free starter checks for a customer. Also what they offered me is just 1 check, but for that I need to go to their branch and get printouts from them. That utterly ridiculous. 
  • Again, I can understand the use of account fees and if they want to keep a $1500 daily balance or a direct deposit to avoid any service fees on the checking accounts. I had the same issue with Wells Fargo but they were courteous to remove the fee if I asked them to do so. There may be reasons like I change my job and it takes couple of months to get the direct deposit back to bank account or may be some other reason. But they were professional in considering my requests, and they at least wait for couple of months before charging this fee from the accounts. When I open up Chase account I knew that my condition is to keep $1500 daily balance to avoid their $12 service fee. I had $650 apartment rent deduction every month the first day and for some reason, my rent was deducted 30th of the previous month and it was a Friday. So I did a deposit to make my account again $1500 by the 3rd which was Monday of the next month. You know what, after 10 days there is a $12 fee added to the account because of the laps in making $1500 balance (only during the weekend).
So, for these reasons, I'm pretty much fed up with Chase and I'm only staying with Chase until the 6 months period so that I can keep the $120 bonus gave it to me for signing up. I'm pretty happy with my Wells Fargo service and I'm going to stick with them for the rest of the years.

So what is your Chase story?

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