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Friday, December 08, 2006

Da Vinchi Code Vs Borat

Now the time is 2.24 am early in the morning, what da hack im doing without going to bed? I just finished one of the most interesting film and worst film, i ever watched in my life time ( except Ice Age I, actually its one of the best OK). Da Vinchi code and Borat (better to say Boaring-Rat). The boaring-rat is my invension. I spent my whole day for da ultimate downloading of thease 2 films. Both of them truly exceptional in their own way. One is truly best, and other is truly worst (My opinions).

Da Vinchi Code
Dan Brown's controversial best-selling novel about a powerful secret that's been kept under wraps for thousands of years comes to the screen in this suspense thriller from director Ron Howard. The stately silence of Paris' Louvre museum is broken when one of the gallery's leading curators is found dead on the grounds, with strange symbols carved into his body and left around the spot where he died. Hoping to learn the significance of the symbols, police bring in Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), a gifted cryptographer who is also the victim's granddaughter. Needing help, Sophie calls on Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), a leading symbologist from the United States. As Sophie and Robert dig deeper into the case, they discover the victim's involvement in the Priory of Sion, a secret society whose members have been privy to forbidden knowledge dating back to the birth of Christianity. In their search, Sophie and Robert happen upon evidence that could lead to the final resting place of the Holy Grail, while members of the priory and an underground Catholic society known as Opus Dei give chase, determined to prevent them from sharing their greatest secrets with the world. Shot on location in France and the United Kingdom; the Louvre allowed the producers to film at the famous museum, but scenes taking place at Westminster Abbey had to filmed elsewhere when church officials declined permission.

Borat Sagdiyev (Cohen) is a Kazakhstani TV personality who travels to America to make a documentary record of his exploration of American culture. He is accompanied on this endeavor by his producer, Azamat (Ken Davitian). Once in New York City, Borat navigates the hurdles of settling into his hotel room then discovers Baywatch on late-night TV. He is immediately smitten by a certain blonde in a bathing suit and decides to take a road trip to California to meet her. This episodic journey takes him to Washington D.C., Atlanta, through the Deep South to Dallas, then finally out to Los Angeles. Along the way, he meets characters who are stranger than he is, adopts a pet bear, and gets into a nude wrestling match with his compatriot. That sequence alone is worth the price of admission since it's like a naked Groucho Marx (with an exaggeratedly long black cylinder obscuring his penis) doing battle with an unclothed Fat Bastard.

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4. Be cool. It will take sometime to start the downloading and to finish the entire downloading process. This is another important thing. Check how many seeders are there before downloading the torrent file from above sites. B'se u need at least 1 seeder to make a successful downloading. Be sure to check dat too. Higher the number of seeders will greatly increase the downloading time and activity.
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