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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hindi Movie Songs by Open Maze

Who loves to hear Hindi Movie Songs and all types of Hindi songs, classics, remix, Telugu, Malayalam etc? www.raaga.com is the best place. You know why, I found number of songs including an Index for Hindi movies, different categories of songs etc in Raaga. Its really cool to hear some Asian voice, from far away here at Texas.
I'm not really a Hindi Song lover, except there are several songs that I love to hear, whenever I have a free time. Do you know what is my favorite Hindi song? Guess? It's an old Hindi song, but not the old classic version, but the remix version of the song is the one I love listen to. Its called "Dil kya kare jab kisse se". It was first sung by Kishore Kumar, for the Hindi Album "Julie". After that the remix version by Shaan for Album "Just Love". There are several other Movies that I love to hear. " Lagan", "Boys" and "Dil Cha Tha he" are my favorites.
The most interesting feature of Raaga site is the options they have to listen songs. U can select a Movie to listen all the songs included there. So it's like Non-stop song list. U need real player to listen to songs through Raaga. U can download and install a free version of Real player from this......Download Real Player

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